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Who is Kara Clayton Digital?

We are a video education and digital literacy company. We teach you how to produce your own videos. We collaborate with you to help create video curriculum for your K-12 classroom and your higher education courses.

We coach entrepreneurs to use video as a tool to build their businesses. We even provide coaching to improve your on-camera presentation skills!

We are passionate about the use of video because we know how effective it is at demonstrating learning and sharing clear, visually appealing messages.

Get to know Kara

Kara Clayton is passionate about all things related to media and digital literacy and video production. She has used video as a tool for effective communication and empowerment throughout her 30-years as a business person and educator.. Early in her career, she wrote and produced video programs for corporations, specifically for use in employee communication, training, marketing and product demos.

She pursued her degree in education and in 1996, became a teacher focused on media literacy and video production. She has taught K-12 students and adult learners how to create compelling video stories that engage others, advocate for change, and win awards like grants and scholarships. Kara presents regularly at state and national media and digital literacy conferences, is a graduate of the inaugural class receiving the Graduate Certificate in Digital Literacy, and holds a Masters Degree in Adult Education with a specialty in Digital Literacy from the University of Rhode Island.

Published Manuscripts & Blogs

Smartphone Apps in Education

Students Create Videos to Teach Smartphone Use as Tool for Learning

Smartphones are regular classroom accessories. Educators should work with children to understand the capacity of smartphones for learning and civic engagement, rather than being a classroom distraction. | READ MORE

Surviving the Common Core

A Media Arts Teacher’s Guide to Surviving the Common Core

What has been most rewarding, despite all the challenges of being an elective teacher in the era of the Common Core, is the development of digital apps that are available for students and teachers to use in media literacy courses that also support English Language Arts and Social Studies curricula. | READ MORE

From PSAs to Reel Communities

From PSAs to Reel Communities: Exploring the Sounds and Silences of Urban Youth Mobilizing Digital Media Production.

Amplified by a global political climate of fear, oppression, and increased nationalism, this article examines how U.S. secondary students in a digital media elective course used multi-modal composition, and video production in particular, as a nexus of ‘participatory politics.’ By partnering theories of multi-literate expression with youth civic engagement, it offers new understandings into how urban youth use digital media production to leverage school-based social action. | READ MORE

Reel Communities

Reel Communities: From Apathy to Engagement

In the year that has passed since the 2016 U.S. presidential election, my video production students have grappled with how to voice their opinions and concerns in a meaningful way. They want to talk about LGBTQIA rights, hate crimes, marginalized communities, and more. | READ MORE

Video Production Made Easy

Video Production Made Easy With Web 2.0 Tools

Using video production in the classroom is no longer the expensive, intimidating approach to student engagement that it was 20 years ago. As a result of Web 2.0, digital tools are seemingly ubiquitous. | READ MORE

Flatscreens in the Library?

Why Are There so Many Flatscreens in the Library?

The library–media center of old was a silent place where students read, researched, and studied in isolation. However, as students are asked to think more critically, create, and discuss, the library–media center has evolved into a place where collaboration and engaging discussions take place. | READ MORE

Make Time for Innovation

Make Time for Innovation Despite Curricular Demands

The mission statement of my school in Redford Township, Michigan, is inspiring: “Together students will learn through innovative opportunities and strong relationships.” Coupled with a district vision of learning, innovating and leading, the South Redford School District is poised to prepare students for the challenges of the digital age. | READ MORE

“Working with Kara Clayton Digital provided me all the necessary to create movies with ease. They taught me the essentials for setting up the equipment for optimal recording. I loved the experience and would strongly recommend working with Kara Clayton Digital.”

–Christi Harrington, Educator, Michigan

Working with Kara Clayton Digital made me realize and appreciate how much time and effort goes into making just a 60 second commercial! Kara Clayton is very knowledgeable and helpful.”

Sarah Jacobsen, School Social Worker, Michigan

“Because of his attendance at Clayton Digital Video Camp, my son was inspired to attend  Columbia College in Chicago, Illinois and earn his Bachelor’s Degree in Cinema Arts and Science. Today my son teaches the art of video to middle and high school students in an after school program in Chicago.”

Melissa Joliff, Parent, Michigan

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Here are some of her favorite media topics.

Managing Technology and Students in the Classroom • Smartphones as Classroom Tools Not Toys • Deconstructing Advertisements • Becoming an Informed Media Consumer • Body Image in the Media • Developing a Media Literacy Program at Your School • Developing a Video Production Program at Your School • Creating Collaborative Workspaces Even When You Don’t Work in the Same Space

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Recipient of the National Council of Teachers of English Media Literacy Award 

Recipient of the Digital Arts Film and Television Teacher of the Year 

Recipient of the Courageous Persuaders Courageous Leader Award 

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