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Kara Clayton Digital helps students, educators, school districts and professionals learn to use video to tell their stories in compelling ways, while expanding their audience.

What’s your story?
Do you know how to tell it using video

Educators and trainers, do you want to use video as a storytelling and teaching tool in the classroom to unlock student potential?

Entrepreneurs, are you ready to grow your business by appearing on-camera in social media?

Marketers, would you like to train a few of your team members to tell your company’s story and demonstrate your products using video?

How We Can Help

Kara Clayton Digital helps business people, school districts and educators learn to use video to tell their stories in compelling ways, while expanding their audience.

Classroom Video Production Consulting

Professional Development for Educators and Businesses

Video for Entrepreneurs

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Meet Kara

Kara Clayton spent the first 10 years of her career creating video programs and commercials for major corporations. She fell in love with the medium as a producer and writer, pursuing a degree in teaching and becoming an English, media production and media literacy educator in 1996. Since then, she has taught hundreds of teens and adult educators how to share their stories using video technology. This experience has translated well to today’s video-saturated world of social media marketing, so she also works with entrepreneurs to help them develop their video production marketing capabilities.

“Kara did a fabulous professional development for our teachers over the course of two days. We learned to create storyboards, use different camera views and how to use and operate the green screen and the apps that come along with them. I highly recommend Kara Clayton Digital!” 

–Liz Speers, Educator, Florida

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